Kraft Paper Hearts


I recently bought 9000 feet of kraft paper.  It’s kind of like the duct tape of crafting supplies (it’s a craft project! it’s a drop cloth!  it’s both!).  We like to give the kids small gifts and treats on Valentine’s Day so this year I decided to make them sewn paper hearts with sweets inside.



  • Kraft paper
  • sweets
  • note cards
  • scissors
  • sewing machine or hot glue gun

Its a pretty self explanatory project.  I cut out some large hearts and then started sewing.  My first attempt didn’t go so well since I didn’t leave a big enough opening to fit the candy in.  I also found that the chocolates were way easier to sew around then the hard tic tac boxes so next time I do this, I will be sticking with small candy or treats.  Once the candy is in, just finish sewing shut.


I then dolled them up with some glitter glue and ribbon that I used to hand them from the chandelier over our table.




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