Fabric Knotted Wood Bead Necklaces – DIY


A few years ago I purchased some unfinished wood beads on etsy with the intentions of making myself a teething necklace for Max.  Fast forward six years and I can officially check the project off my list!  My kids are past the age for teething necklaces, but I still love the look of knotted fabric and bead necklaces so I made me and Mollie a matching set.  It was a quick project with a high forgiveness factor.

For this project you will need:

  • some long (24-36 inch) scraps of fabric (I used old blouses that don’t fit anymore)
  • wood beads
  • ribbon
  • scissors
  • threat and sewing machine
  • a break-away clasp if the necklace is for a child


First thing is to cut a strip of fabric about 24-36 inches long depending on how long you want your necklace.  I quickly realized the knots take up A LOT of fabric.  You will need to determine how wide of a piece of fabric you will need.  I wrapped the fabric over my bead and added about a half inch.  This allowed me to sew a tube that I could drop my beads into plus a little room for sewing.  The hem isn’t noticeable when you tie your knots so don’t worry too much about that.


Next, I folded my fabric with the correct sides together and created a tube, then I inverted my tube so the correct side of the fabric was on the outside.


The next step was to add my ribbon that would be used for my bow closure.  I slipped it into one end and shoved the unfinished edges inside the tube and sewed across (not very scientific, but like I said, it is a really forgiving project and no one will notice the imperfections once it is done).


Now comes the fun part.  I decided to start by making a knot that included a little of my ribbon and a little of my fabric.  This is one of the steps that helps hide any imperfections.  Then just drop a bead in and tie a knot.  Wash, rinse & repeat until you have no more beads left or you have reached your desired length.


Time for a manicure?!?!  Yeesh!


Mollie loved hers!


Until she didn’t.


Can someone get this thing off of me?  Seriously.


Truth is, we wont let her wear necklaces yet, even with a break-away clasp, so this is going into my jewelry box and she can have it when she’s four ;o)




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