Shrinky Dink Bookmarks

I have rediscovered my childhood love of shrinky dinks with my kids.  We started with a few shrinky dink sets and have since moved on to designing our own on blank pages (like this).  I also like making more useful versions that don’t just end up scattered around the house in junk drawers.  These are a few bookmarks that I recently designed and my kids were very excited about them.

As anyone who has done shrinky dinks knows, they curl up as they are shrinking and I always think they are ruined, but they almost always flatten back out again as they continue to melt.  They seem to be more likely to stick together when you work with larger shapes.  This design was a little tricky when we baked them and one poor guy got stuck to itself and didn’t unstick.  When I remade it, I used a fork to help uncurl it a little as it was baking so that it wouldn’t stick to itself.


You can download the template I made at the bottom of this post.  You can either print them onto this printable shrinky dink paper and color them in with sharpies like these, or you can trace them onto frosted shirnky dink paper (this is what I used).  I traced the pattern with sharpies on the shiny side and then colored them in on the frosted side.  Remember to color them in lightly as they darken when they are baked.


Here is the template that I drew.  Don’t forget to cut out the u-shape that you will slip your book page into!


Here is a picture showing how much the plastic will shrink:



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