Heart Garland Tutorial


I have a sewing machine, however, I don’t really know how to sew.  I use it all the time though!  I mostly use it for craft projects and repairing the occasional pair of torn pants.  One of my favorite uses is sewing paper.  For around $100, my sewing machine is one of my most used crafting tools.  I have a really basic model, like this one.  Simple is perfect for my needs.

A few years ago, I decided I wanted to try to make a paper heart garland, so I purchased a heart paper punch (this is the one I have).  The garland turned out great and I have found a million uses for the heart punch since that time (card making, gift wrap decorating, gift tags, etc).  The garland was super simple.  I punched tons of hearts out of extra scrap booking paper I had.  Cardstock scrap paper works best for a garland since it holds up well without tearing.  I have used the garland for about four Valentine’s Days since I made it, and it is still in great shape.

Once you have your hearts punched out, all you need to do is run them through your sewing machine one at a time.  I let the machine run for about two or three stitches before sliding in the next heart so there would be some space between each heart, which allows them to fall nicely in an arch when you hang them.


Also, you might be able to see that I am not running my stitches right in the middle of the heart.  If you do, your hearts will keep flipping upside down.  You will want to run your stitches around the top third of the heart.  I eyeballed it as I went, but I tried to sew along the widest part of the heart and I found by doing this that they hung nicely with almost no flipping.  Here is a shot of the garland in our old home.  Terrible picture, but it gives you an idea of what the finished product looks like.



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