My all time favorite holiday is Valentine’s Day.  Besides the fact that red and pink is a highly underrated color combination, I think that a day where we stop to tell people that we love and care about them is just about the best reason there is to have a holiday.  Plus, I love all of the heart candies and gifts.  I always decorate our dinning table for Valentines Day (more to come on that shortly).  We give the kids small gifts and we have them create homemade cards for each other.  My favorite Valentine for the kids are these personalized cards with candy necklaces.


I actually used candy bracelets instead of candy necklaces.  They fit the cards better and the kids eat so much candy on Valentine’s Day that less is more in this case.  You can find the candy bracelets here at a really good price.  I then wrapped each one in a cellophane bag, which can be found here.  The bags are a bit bigger than the valentines, but I just wrap the extra around the back.  These bags usually need to be ordered in quantities of 100, but I use them for small gifts and as party favor bags, like I did here so I love having extras around the house:


If you are looking for an alternative or your in a time crunch you can also just cut the “zip” off of a ziploc sandwich bag and tape the extra around the back of the Valentine and it will look great.

P.S. A tutorial on the light saber pretzels will follow soon!


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