Pasta Jewelry


Macaroni necklaces are so classic, I knew it was a project that I wanted to do with my toddlers.  My kids enjoyed it so much that we ended up sending necklaces to all of our relatives as early Valentine’s Day gifts.  I made three boxes of pasta so we have lots of dyed macaroni left for whenever we need a rainy day craft project.


Making the colored pasta is very simple.

  1. Put your pasta in a gallon sized zip lock bag and add your food coloring a few drops at a time until you are happy with the color.
  2. If you want the pasta to dry more quickly, you can one tablespoon of rubbing alcohol.  The alcohol will also help the color spread so you might not need quite as much.
  3. Lay your wet colored pasta onto cookie sheets in a thin layer to dry (don’t use it until it is completely dry as it can stain fingers and clothes).
  4. Keep in mind that smaller pasta size will allow the jewelry to lay more easily.  I was very excited about finding flower shaped “Fiori” pasta by Barilla at my local market.


When it comes time to make your jewelry, tie one piece of pasta to the end of your yarn.  This will ensure that the macaroni pieces don’t fall off as your children are stringing them.  I also put some modge podge (you can also use elmers glue) on the other end of the string (I covered about 1.5 inches in it).  When the glue dries the string will be firm and much easier for little ones to use for stinging.


I got a little over excited by the whole process and made myself four necklaces.  This was one of my favorites:




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