A healthy treat and great hostess gift


One of my all time favorite healthy desserts is homemade ice pops. They are healthy and my kids definitely put them in the same category as ice cream, so it is a good dessert option.  I like to put whatever fruit we have in the house in the molds first, then fill them in with juice.  This works really well with fruit that isn’t that great.  If your blueberries are a little too soft, your peaches aren’t so sweet, or maybe your watermelon is a little mealy, you can put them into your pops and when they are frozen and surrounded by juice they taste great.

We have also made them with some vanilla ice cream and orange juice (creamsicles) and one of my favorites is coffee with vanilla ice cream.


I also love bringing these as hostess gifts when we go to people’s houses for lunch or dinner.  They are a dessert and gift in one.  You can purchase a nice set on amazon for under $10.  In the summer months they are also available at most big box stores.


If you want to enhance the gift, you could also bring a book of ice pop recipes.  There are so many options!!


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